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Free Shipping   10 minute session = 1 hour of work out in a gym format.

Benefits:  Increases circulation, create better balance, move your lymphatic system, strengthen your muscles and more.



This machine is ideal for improving overall health & wellness, or complementing an existing fitness routine. It comes with the large exercise poster included—you can choose from over 50 exercise, massage, and stretch positions to target your particular goals.  The Vibrant Health Power 1000 delivers a vibration powerful enough to give you an intense workout, but it is also gentle and smooth enough to be safe and easy to use. This machine is designed for people of all ages. It is especially ideal for baby boomers and seniors who are facing the challenges of aging – aching joints, weight gain, bone loss, low energy, memory, mood, and sleep issues, and many other age related issues. It is the perfect machine for optimizing health – applicable to children, busy adults, and seniors.

It will wakes up every part of your body with a vibration that goes through every cell in your body. It delivers a challenging workout – or can use it to massage and stretch tight muscles. Standing up straight on this plate, you will feel the vibration travel through your entire body and even up into your head—but don’t worry, it feels good. This vibration is gentle enough, completely synchronized, and tuned just right, so that it is good for your brain too!

All machines recommended and sold by Twinsfeather are single motor vertical vibration—a type of vibration which delivers a synchronized message to your body and brain. Brain synchronization is a phenomena linked in cutting-edge research to optimal brain function and health, including creativity, problem solving, learning, and long-term memory formation (see also my latest book, Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration). Twinsfeather does not recommend ever using powerful double motor vibration machines as two motors can never be perfectly synchronized.


  • Single motor vertical vibration
  • User friendly console displays time, speed or program
  • Handy push button remote control
  • Two types of straps for arm exercises: stretchy rubber, and a non-stretchy strong canvas material.
  • Large exercise poster with 54 exercise, stretch, and massage positions
  • Dimensions: 30″wide x 23-1/2″ deep x 6″ high
  • Maximum user weight: 330 lbs.
  • Unit weight: 47 lbs.
  • Frequency range: 26Hz – 45 Hz, adjustable in 1 Hz increments
  • Power requirements: 110v – 120 v
  • Certifications: GS, CE, ETL, RoHs

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