There are times in our lives when we have been touched by the kindness of another….. for just no reason? It takes your breath away and you feel the brushed touch of the intended beauty by the giver. My spirit …. and touched our spirit touch of love that It’s unexpected, no particular reason or season. Sometimes you just want to make a difference in someone’s life and this is an experience that will be long time remembered. To uplift and encourage humanity, the gift is given ‘just because’ you want to.

A gift to Lift the Human Spirit

What is Just Because?

Just Because is a gift you choose to give to someone you know or someone you do not know for just no reason – It’s Just Because you want to lift another person’s spirit towards feeling better and encouraging them along in their life’s journey.

How Does It Work?

1. Think of the person(s) who need to hear from you? Maybe it’s someone you do not know you want to “lift up”?

2. Select the pillowcase message you’re wanting on your Pillowcase Gift?

3. Write a short not to this someone or we will write an uplifting message to them on your behalf. (sample: There are times in our lives when we feel a bit out of place with this ‘new’ journey ////////

4. Okay, we’ve got it from here!

What Happens Now?

We take it from here.

  1. We will create and lovingly package the Pillowcase Gift you have chosen, then we will transfer your note
  2. We will transfer your written words onto the daisy card and insert into our box
  3. We will add layers of messages intended to ‘create and experience’ opening this gift
  4. We will then ship it to your intender.

It’s a gift to be given to someone unexpected to be lifted up and encouraged by the tactile experience of receiving a ‘package’ in the mail from someone you do or do not know?