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$20 per Session, Buy 5 and receive 6th sauna FREE. 

Recommended session time is 20-30 minutes in length. 

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We are all exposed to hundreds of chemicals a day in the air we breathe, the items we touch, what we apply to our skin, and what we eat and drink. Not all of these chemicals can be processed adequately by the body, nor can an endless amount or number of them be handled at one time. Some are even poisonous to– to the point of damaging – critical parts of the very detox systems (such as liver enzymes) that are supposed to detoxify them.

Detoxifying by sweat therapy (also called sweat depuration).  The toxins that find their way into your sweat during a sauna session can come from various places in your body: 

• Some of these toxins were circulating in your blood, waiting for the liver and/or kidneys to process them, when they got re-routed out through your sweat pores or sebaceous glands (the skin fat glands that, when blocked, produce whiteheads) 

• Others were drawn out of tissues where they settled in the past but don’t belong (like in your joints or the muscle of your heart) 

• And still others – those that were stored in your fat because they are fat soluble – were drawn out of storage in your fat 

Everyone…we repeat, everyone – as proven by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – has dangerous toxins (like pesticides) stored in their bodies.  While that may be a frightening thought, it’s a lot less frightening when you know how to get rid of them. That’s where detoxifying by infrared sauna or traditional sauna comes in.

Far Infrared Sauna

Private Sauna Therapy at Twinsfeather Studio in Bucksport, Maine – (Recommended session time is 20-30 minutes ) 

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Buy 5 and receive 6th sauna FREE. 

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Health Benefits of Using Infrared Saunas

Infrared wavelengths penetrate the soft tissue up to an inch and a half and open our blood vessels in a process called vasodilation. Infrared is so safe, it is regularly used in hospitals to keep newborn babies warm. 

Doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists use infrared every day in clinics and hospitals across the world to ameliorate pain, heal skin conditions, increase flexibility, and generally help heal the body. 

Infrared saunas can also help with:

  • Detoxification
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Muscle aches, stiffness, and joint-relief
  • Range of motion
  • Weight loss and calorie burning
  • Increased metabolism
  • Skin conditions
  • Appearance of cellulite
  • Heart health
  • Arthritis
  • Immune System 
  • Heart Health
  • Diabetes Support

Article from Health Nut News

How Sauna Bathing Benefits Your Heart and Cardiovascular System Research has even shown that regular sauna use can help improve athletic performance, and correlates with a reduced risk of death from any cause, including sudden death from a cardiac event. Among the most notable benefits associated with sauna bathing is its ability to protect and improve cardiovascular health, much in the same way exercise does.

A number of studies have shown sauna bathing lowers blood pressure, for example, which in turn lowers your risk for more serious cardiovascular events. Most recently, a study published in the American Journal of Hypertension, which had a follow-up period of nearly 25 years, found men who used the sauna for about 20 minutes four to seven times a week had nearly half the risk of hypertension (defined as blood pressure above 140/90 mmHg) compared to those who used the sauna just once a week.