About the Twin Sisters

The Leavitt twins grew up in Hermon with notoriety as very good athletes at Hermon High School in the late 70’s.  They are both married and loving life.  Jane met her husband, Stephen Arey here in Maine over 32 years ago and they have raised a family and reside in BucksportMaine
Joan has lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she met her husband Don West.  The past twelve years they have lived in Savannah, Georgia, where she created a Holistic Center and began offering The GYROTONIC® Method to her clients. 

Joan, feeling the pull to get back to her roots after being away for 25 years, permanently has relocated back ‘home’ – spring of 2018 with her husband.  With her husband, Don West, being from Arkansas, he’s not exactly excited about the ‘white stuff’ that falls from the sky in the winter, however he is retired and no longer has to work outside if he chooses not to.  With a big smile on her face, Joan assures him,  he will find ways to have fun with the snow!   

As their lives have been very different over the last 25 years,  they both have had businesses of their own.  When you meet them there is no doubt these two think, act, talk and move alike.  They always wondered if one day they might  have a business together. 

The timing was perfect!  With Joan moving back home to create her holistic studio here in the Greater Bangor-Brewer area,  Jane wanted what Joan had obtained for herself.  Joan got her body back!  She gained physical strength, balance, flexibility and her overall strong body again, like she felt in her 30’s.  

She invested in herself and found the GYROTONIC method as her vehicle to getting her to a better place.   This is her 5th year of teaching and working with clients, the GYROTONIC Method has become the BEST thing that has happened to and for her overall well-being!   With Jane witnessing her transformation….she wanted it too! They both now are trained in the chair styled method called GYROKINESIS.  (for more information go to www.gyrotonic.com

Sisters standing beside each other smiling
Jane Arey & Joan West (AKA The Leavitt Twins)

Joan West

Joan Leavitt-West GYROTONIC®  & GYROKINESIS® An inactive lifestyle for over 25 years led me to find a solution to my loss of strength and balance in my body. I found the Gyrotonic method via a friend mentioning that Serena Williams (professional tennis player) uses it.  Wow, well let me check it out!  This body movement modality gave me my body back!  I feel as strong today as I did in my 30’s.  Let’s just say it’s 25+ years since then!  When someone asks me what has this done for you? My answer is always the same, “I got my body back”!  To me…PRICELESS!.

Jane Arey

Something happened to my thinking the fall of 2017, as I finally stopped - looked in the mirror - and became fully aware of my physical ‘lack’. As I was honoring my truth for what I was seeing, I felt a question arise. “What is the ‘thing’ I’m going to do to get this body moving again safely? (wanting to be injury free during the process of getting myself more fit and able again.) Thanks to my sister being involved with the GYROTONIC® exercise method she introduced me to their chair & mat exercise system called GYROKINESIS®. I fell in love with how fast my body responded to the movements! WOW, and it was fun too! I was sooooo happy! Now I enjoy getting in the chair to help others discover it for their bodies too!