Our body movement studio offers; flexibility, expanded spinal mobility, strength, shoulder rehab, core stability, balance, coordination, joint mobility, body alignment, improved nervous system function, and improves the ability to do our daily tasks. 

We offer our clients a sacred space for allowing  transformation towards the fullest expression of  ‘SELF ‘ integrating mindful body movement using a system called, The GYROTONIC® method. 


The GYROTONIC expansion system uses specifically designed equipment that enhances the body’s freedom of movement without restrictions. The movements are fluid and three dimensional, allowing muscles and joints to find an organic fluid strength. Coupling spiral movements with measured opposition allows the body to move freely through space, working the body from the inside out ultimately bringing the mind, body and spirit into union.

The repetitive circling, spiraling and undulating exercises are performed in a set fluid rhythm providing strengthening movements with coordinating breathing patterns.  These whole body movements are expansive, creating space throughout the spine with no end point to the movement:  sculpting the body, developing overall strength and flexibility, improving immune function, enhancing coordination gaining stamina. 

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Gyrotonic Handle Unit

Our sessions are by appointment only.   Gyrotonic sessions are designed to take the body beyond it’s current limitations. People come out of a Gyrotonic session with increased freedom of movement, greater strength, and more agility. Athletes improve performance. Rehabilitation clients recover quicker, and more fully post injury.

We also offer complimentary demonstrations by appointment.  

Gyrokinesis Class


Our private and duet classes are by appointment only.   Drop In’s are welcome for our weekly scheduled classes.  A GYROKINESIS® class starts by “awakening” the nervous system and promoting concentration within oneself. The pelvis and spine starts warming-up through simple and rhythmical moving patterns, expanding to all possible directions releasing hip, knees, hamstrings and upper body.

We offer complimentary introductions to Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBV) for existing clients and new clients.   A Whole Body Vibration Therapy Session is 10 minutes in length, as ten minutes of WBV training will give you the benefits of one hour of conventional weightlifting, including increased muscle strength, bone density, flexibility, coordination, balance, and weight loss .

Movement is Life

Allow us to show you our studio and tour the Kinetic Wellness Center while you’re here. 

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